Engine Scalability testing


I’m working on a project with my Desktop PC.
The main target system is a Surface Book, but also high-end PCs.
So in the project it is possible to change the Render Quality.
I use the BP-Node “Set Overall Scalability Level” with values from 0-4. (5 Steps like in the Editor)

Now I want to fine tune those settings to get the best Performance out of the Surface Book.
So my Questions are:

  1. What is the best workflow for testing how different settings impact the performance on the Surface Book? Do i have to build a Debug Package and change settings with console commands?
  2. I read here at the end (Customizing Scalability Settings) that it is possible to override settings with a DefaultScalability.ini file. BUT will this ini file also be used in the package? AND how do I override “Overall Scalability Level” values???
  3. Am I totally wrong doing this with the BP-Node “Set Overall Scalability Level” instead of using console commands?