Engine Scalability Inconsistency?

After packaging my project, i found out that my project was packaged with Epic scalability setting.
This was a problem since I was developing in the editor with Cinematic scalability.

The problem is that with Cinematic I have noticeable AO, SSR and Bloom, while on Epic scalability these visuals are gone.

See screenshots:
https://puu.sh/A5BoG/8954ac7938.png ← obvious SSR, AO and Bloom
https://puu.sh/A5BpD/bc13922e75.png ← Bland look, no SSR, AO and Bloom

Why is it that on Epic these visuals are gone.
There’s almost no difference from low all the way to Epic, but to Cinematic the difference is really really big.
Is there a way to package with Cinematic Scalability?

Note that this scene is completely dynamic (no static lights in scene)