Engine repair can't connect for download

Due to a problem I am suddenly having with VR projects(will post this separately) I decided to verify 4.27 engine installation thinking some sort of corruption may have happened as I am running out of ideas.

Now on top of that problem, I can’t get 4.27 repair patch to complete, adding further to my frustration, and 2 or 3 days lost trying to work out why VR projects stopped working.

It says
installing [0.0 B/s 3.6 MB ] X

with a warning above it

‘We’re sorry, it looks like we’re having trouble connecting. We’ll continue to retry.’

My internet is working fine, and I can’t imagine Telstra blocking Epic download sites. I have plenty of disk space and infinite download capacity, at high speed.

I’ve tried engine.ini mod (was 3 now 4), I’ve excluded epiclauncher from any antivirus checking.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

I have removed the 4.27.1 install from the launcher Remove option.
I am now reinstalling it, and so far it is downloading the 6.3Gb.

(It couldn’t download 3,6MB for a repair lol)

The ONLY thing I can think of right now is the 4.27 was installed when the vaultcache was on a different drive and it is getting confused attempting this repair download, who knows.

The other thing I did see in my investigations was in a log file there did appear to be some downloads failing from a host of Epic download locations. There is no reason any such domains would be blocked/black listed given I am having no trouble with plugin updates and other engine updates. Removing it and reinstalling it is working (so far) so clearly it can reach those sites.

I will close this if the install completes, but an explanation would be useful for the future.


Removing and re-installing through the launcher has completed the install now.

It did not resolve my original problem of VR projects not working, but I have a separaye answerhub question open for that.