Engine & Project On Seperate Sorage Devices Increase Performance?

So this is an issue that most of us will come across, running out of storage. I have a 256GB SSD that I use for Software and just uninstalled 4.14. The Launcher/VaultCache is taking up 73.1GB alone and leaves me with 82GB of free space. Before I uninstalled, I had to install a few applications that I didn’t have room for on my 1TB SSD which I use for my project, media, and games. I also had an HDD in raid 1 that I use as a back up for important stiff as well as bringing in UE4 files to organize for a project before taking back over to the project on the SSD.

So here’s the question. Will UE4 perform better having the engine on one SSD and the project on another similar SSD. Should I get a 1 TB Samsung 850 Pro to put both the engine and project on it (Dedicated UE4 SSD). Or that and upgrade my 256GB to a 500GB 850 Pro as well for the engine, or 2x 1 TB? How will these options effect performance?

I’d like to get the 960 Pro, but it is more expensive and the warranty time frame is much lower than the none m.2 SSDs. I have a Samsung 850 EVO 256GB m.2 SSD in a portable metal case and does get warm when used on none intensive tasks, so there’s that.

Having them on separate drives will probably not affect performance, if you have a drive that’s faster then putting it on there can help a little bit, but the thing that will affect your experience the most will be your GPU, faster disc drive will improve loading your project for the most part.

Thanks. So I guess a 1TB SSD dedicated UE4 drive is best, then copying my project to my raid 1 HDD every time significant progress is made. I already have a GTX 1080 and plan to upgrade my 16GB of DDR4 ram to 64GB (4x16) DDR4. I also have a 5820K overclocked to 4.5ghz.