[Engine Plugin] VR edit mode additional tools help

Hello all,
I would like to create an engine plugin that modifies the VR editor to add a few functions and need some help with where to start. I have a decent coding background and can implement my solutions in playmode, but have never messed around with the engine.


A different method of navigation. I prefer fly-around movement where you point a controller in the direction you wish to move and pull the trigger instead of teleportation. I often find myself wanting to back up/get higher and while it is possible with the teleport tool, it is not intuitive or easy.

A handheld camera that exports snapshots: I find it easier to frame with a handheld camera than with the entire player character and it prevents hands/UI from interfering with the shot. It is an easy way to communicate changes with my team as well. Marking the images with a string of text generated by the game would be an added benefit. I have also thought of using the render to texture functionality to save images.

Thank you,