Engine optimization

What is the difference in optimization if you choose between UE4 and Unity?

UE 4 provides better High-fidelity visuals where as you’ll have to work your way through to provide competitve visuals on Unity.


Unity uses Scripting languages like UnityScript and C# while Unreal uses C++, and scripting languages like Lua. Unreal includes Blueprints while in Unity you need to get an asset like PlayMaker to do things without code. Unity is more oriented towards one-man devs while Unreal favors teams with separate skillsets.


probably off topic, but why do people even compare UE vs Unity? it’s nonsense because in Unity you develop with C# and in Unreal you develop with C++
that’s the biggest difference anyone should consider first.

can somebody convince me that C# game will perform better than C++ game? I don’t think so, but I’m seriously interested of your opinion if I’m wrong.

There’s inevitably going to be comparisons between software that’s built for the same purpose. As far as code comparisons, for a lot of people it’s a matter of preference. I do some coding but not a lot, but from what I gather, people feel like C# is easier to use but C++ gives you more that you can do.