Engine not installed


When you copy the engine from one PC to the other, UE4 launcher doesn’t recognize it.

Is there a way to work this out?

The launcher doesn’t have any way of checking the directory to see what files are there and what files may be missing to complete an install. It’s something that several people have been asking for since not everyone can download the full engine on the machine they want to run it on, or just for the ease of moving to a different computer without having to redownload everything.

Should be able to make it recognize the engine with some registry changes, maybe?

It’s possible that the way it installs it doesn’t have the separate files and can’t install just what it needs but needs to download the whole thing. It would be difficult to find out what registry items need to be added and what prerequisites need to be installed.

You could just start the download and then copy the files into the temp folder it uses (.G<something>), it just moves the files up one directory from the temp one.
You may need to add a moved marker for them to register, But it is better then downloading from scratch.