"Engine/None" when saving project?

Not sure if I should post this as a bug report, but getting the following error message when saving my project:

I don’t know why or how, I certainly haven’t changed any engine content and I certainly don’t have any file names that correspond to any of those… Not sure how to fix it either. Anyone familiar with this?

Remaking this as a bug report unless anyone is familiar with this.

I’ve started to receive this today also, seems to happen everytime I try to “save all” or “save” the current level.

This only started to occur after a very long compile of a Blueprint that has 200+ child actor components on it.

Did you ever get anywhere with resolving it? I’m not entirely sure whether its currently ok to close Unreal or not.

Just as a follow-up (wish I could edit my posts here!), in case it helps anyone else…

I clicked on the “Choose Files to Save…” option from the “File” menu and I could see this;


I unselected it and then chose to “Save All” - appreciating there wasn’t anything else listed, but just to be on the safe side.

I then proceeded to close Unreal. I was, again, prompted whether to save the “Engine/None” file, I selected “Don’t Save” and Unreal continued to close.

I relaunched Unreal and opened the project and everything seems ok.

My best guess at the moment is that after the lengthy compile I experienced earlier, perhaps some temporary files were created and then removed, but Unreal has, to a degree, kept a handle on something and feels there is something to save when there isn’t.

I would be happy to hear from anyone else with any other suggestions/causes/fixes.