Engine News 5/30

Hi everyone!

This is a preview of features that we are implementing in a future binary release and is available on GitHub now for source users.

Engine News

New Features

Tappy Chicken was Released!


Automation Updates

Frontend External Tool Support

  • The Unreal and Session Frontend now has the support to run external scripts (for example any Autohotkey script) and executables.
    You can set this up using the Automation section of the Editor Preferences.


The test scripts will appear under the “External” section under the Session Frontends Automation tab.
When running these tests the next one won’t start until the current tests process has ended.


Ability to run a test X number of times

  • You can now set the tests in the Frontend to run a certain number of times.
    This allows you to rerun a test several times without having to hit play again.
    The “Number of runs:” option is found under the dropdown arrow next to the start tests play button.


Editor screen shot capture command

  • You can now use a console command to take a screenshot of any one or all of the windows that are currently open in the editor.
    For one open window: EditorScreenShot or EditorShot Name=<Window Name>
    For all open windows: EditorScreenShot or Editor Shot All
    The screenshots will be saved to the <GameName>\Saved\Screenshots&lt;Windows or Mac> folder.

New Test – Static Mesh UV’s

  • There is a new test that can be found in the automation test list.
    The “Static Mesh UVs” finds and lists our all meshes with overlapping and out of bounds UV’s.
    Take note that this test does take some time for it to finish.


New Test – Static Mesh Toolbar functionality

  • This tests cycles through each viewmode button in the static mesh editor. It also takes a screenshot after toggling on one of the view modes.
    These screenshots will be visible in the Screen Comparison tab!
    This test can be found under Editor > Contents in the automation test list.
    The screenshots are placed here: <GameName>\Saved\Automation\StaticMeshEditorTest

Test Presets

  • You can now setup presets in the Automation tab. This allows you to setup your own test groups for potential test runs.


Test Updates – Screenshot capture added to Load all Maps in Editor/Game

  • The Load all Maps in Editor/Game tests will now also capture a screenshot. These screenshots will be visible in the Screen Comparison tab!
    The screenshots are placed here:

Enable Screenshot? Full size Screenshots?

  • For the tests that do take a screenshot in the Frontend you can now opt to take a full size screenshot instead of the smaller thumbnail size.
    You have the option to turn off screenshots to help speed up your testing.


Screenshot Compare Full Size Screenshots

  • You can now click on an image in the screenshot compare to make it full size.


Screenshot Compare – Show only Nth image

  • You can now have the Screenshot Compare tab show only certain images. This is helpful if you have a large library of saved test screenshots.


Device Groups

  • You can now cluster the testing and results for a groups of devices based on certain criteria (e.g. GPU, machine name, CPU, OS, etc.).


Results Report Card

  • The test results will now show a color graph for each device group or machine that had ran a test.
    This graph shows you how long and what test were ran.
    This is especially helpful when running tests in parallel with other machines.


  • Gameplay Tag Pin now only allows single select.
  • Particle System arrow components no longer scale relative to their actor scale.
  • Changed “Graph is linked to object(s) in external map” dialog to have a single “OK” button.
  • Viewport
    [INDENT]- Raw and Unit Time Stats now display correctly if Unit Graph isn’t already enabled.
  • Scene Outliner
  • Expansion states for outliner folders are now stored in per-user temporary config files.
  • Cascade
  • Added “Randomly Select Seed Array” option to random seed functionality.[/INDENT]
  • Added a kismet node for Calibrating motion. Implemented for IOS devices.
  • Xbox One is all monolithic D3D now.

Hi Adam,
So this is for the 4.3 release, right?

This is for the latest 4.2 preview release on github that came out 5/29/2014, so it should be in the final 4.2 build

Nice, thanks!

More Toys! Every time I come into this forum, it’s like coming into an FAO Schwarz of game engine tools! So awesome. (of course, I can only wrap my head around a quarter of this stuff. But soon it will be a third, and then a half, and then three-quarters, and then you’ll add more cool stuff and it will go back down to a half, and then. . .)

The engine news is always about the main development branch, equivalent to the Master branch on GitHub.

Michael Noland

Hi Michael,

So what I understand is that it was indeed for the 4.3 release, as the 4.2 was already in a dedicated branch.

Hi SRombauts,

We haven’t branched for 4.3 yet, so everything currently being done in Master will end up in 4.3. Once we branch for a release, only bugs/blockers will be integrated across to the branch (or done in the branch and integrated back), and further feature development will be in the next release.

However, the reason I worded it as I did is due to the possibility of branching for a release mid-week. Engine news might include a feature that went in right after the branch was cut (this happens frequently when someone is working on something that isn’t going to be ready for that release and wants to maximize testing time before the next release), so some news would be for build 4.X and some would be for 4.(X+1). However, all of it is relevant to the Master branch, which is mirroring checkins basically live.

Michael Noland

Thanks for the answer, this is perfectly clear, as we are working the same way in my team, but with a ‘next’ branch.