Engine News 5/21

Hey everyone,

This is a preview of features that we are implementing in a future binary release and is available on GitHub now for source users. We will be posting these Engine News updates periodically to let you know what kinds of new things to expect.

Engine News

New Features


New! Reroute Nodes

  •      'Add Reroute Node...' shows up in the context menu when you click-drag off of a pin; you can make connections to a reroute pin like normal, move it around (by dragging near it or **ctrl + dragging** on it), and remove it by **Alt + Clicking**.  

You can also put comments on a reroute node by double-clicking on the draggable area below, or hitting F2.




  •      The move/save pivot options for brushes are now only available for ortho viewports.
  •      Added support for the Class Wizard to create non-UObject classes.
  •      Added Edit Asset option to the Reference Viewer context menu.
  •      Color picker now displays an error when renaming a theme the same as another.
  •      Undo then redo on duplicated scaled geometry no longer results in a brush at the default scale.
  •      Deleting assets forces the Mode tab's Recently Placed list to be refreshed.
  •      **Static Mesh**
            - BuildScale is now applied when building Sphere collision.
  •     ** Persona**
             - Asset picker now supports rename functionality.
  •     ** UI**
              - Escape will now still first close a HUD UI even if it has lost focus.


What happens when you remove a reroute node? Will all the wires going through it be rewired accordingly, or will they be removed? Rewiring would make more sense in my opinion, since these are purely helpers for visual organization. Adding or removing them shouldn’t influence the script’s behavior.

Will this be part of 4.3? I know Micheal already committed the reroute nodes to GitHub, but I’m trying to mostly stick with stable releases currently.

Hi Bajee,

Currently they are set up to be removed when the node is deleted. While collapsing and re-wiring is the most desirable outcome, it simply wasn’t ready for the initial implementation. This may be something that is altered in a future release!

It will be part of 4.3, as it already went into main (Master on github) and we haven’t branched for 4.3 yet.

Michael Noland

YAY! cool stuff as i saw this suggestion for re-route (or similar) in a post and you guys commited it that quickly! :open_mouth:

also… thats hilarious that you guys fixed
"- Static Mesh

  • BuildScale is now applied when building Sphere collision."

I stumbled onto that bug today!

Awesome! I feel excited that I was one of the people suggesting reroute nodes. Man you guys work fast :smiley: