Engine naming conventions for iOS Splash Screens / Icons issues with Source Control

Unreal for some reason stores some iOS icons / Splash Screens with an ‘@’ symbol as part of the name. This is fine for regular use, but when using source control (perforce in particular), these files play havoc with it. I was recently merging icons accross several branches, but only half of these files carried over. I tried to manually add them in Perforce later and worked out why:


So, I can force add them - but using the merge tool means they don’t automatically come accross and I have to force-add them to every branch. I imagine that there are also other scenarios where this causes problems. Can the naming conventions for this just be changed so it doesn’t cause Havoc with source control or use special characters? This is what Unreal does with them currently:

It’s actually super common now to use @ in splash/icon filenames in fact Xcode expects them that way. I am pretty sure you can modify P4 settings to accept certain symbols, I’ve had to get around P4 problems like this before especially with files with accents in the names.

Its a little bit of a pain but you can create client views that map the symbols to their ASCII expansions