Engine limitations on mobile platforms?


Wondering if there is a list of limitations and which engine features are not supported/available on mobile platforms (both ios and android)? Thanks

There sure is

That should give you on what can and cant work with mobile :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for the quick response meathead… Sorry, i totally missed that platform development page for some reason.

PS… Nice to see a fellow Aussie here. :wink:

:D, We have a skype group for everyone and got some Aussies in there also.

dynamic Shadows Unsupported in Mobile device …

Hello, I am new here, also new in using UE4 , so far I used Unity, in which I was very very very disappointed. I want to know where is the limit on poly count when target is Android and IOS. My characters have about 7500 tris each with their weapons, and I assume that they will not be more than 30 of them at the same time on the screen , as for the environment it is more or less around 100,000 tris and Maya.

The biggest limitation for me is no destructibles. It makes me sad.