Engine Launcher installs only to C:\ Drive

I’m making this because all questions I have looked at provide no actual insight or solutions to this problem. Brand new user with brand new install. Trying to install to my D or even F drive, but only installs to C drive. Have uninstalled and deleted all files associated with Epic on my C Drive, but still installs. Even specifying manually the drive to install to, no luck. It only wants to install to the C:\ drive. I have no manifest files to delete as they don’t even exist yet. Not sure how to go about fixing this.

What is the version number of the installer you are using?

The current version of the installer is 1.8.2

Anyone possible know what could be causing this problem? So far, this hasn’t been the best experience. I haven’t even installed the Engine.

Checking the number inside the installer, it seems that the bottom left corner says Not sure if that helps or not.

So it sounds like the launcher installer (UnrealEngineInstaller-1.8.2-2335841.msi in your case) is not allowing you to select the install folder? Users that have a previous install of Unreal Engine encounter this issue because the installer will attempt to upgrade their existing install.

Check the following:

  1. When you got to Start->Control Panel->Add Remove, do you see an entry for Unreal Engine? If so, uninstalling this should allow you to select the install folder.
  2. If, however, you don’t have an Unreal Engine entry in Add Remove Programs we’ll need to output the installer logs to see why it is having issues on your system. The following link has some info on doing that in the “I am unable to install the Launcher” section:

It’s definitely overriding my input. After uninstalling and reinstalling, no luck. First time user of the engine as well. I should get off work later today and will post the log file for further debugging.

Trying this gives me the error “error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and is writeable”. I’m running anti virus right now to make sure it isn’t a virus that is not permitting me to write to different drives.

That error usually implies an error in the command line parameters or the fact that it can’t write the log to the folder you specified. You can try checking the command you entered. If command looks right , try writing the log file to another folder that you create.

I was able to print out the log file to my public folder within users. Here is my log: Dropbox - Error - Simplify your life

Thank you for providing the log file. I did have a quick look but couldn’t pinpoint where/why the installer might be getting confused. I have not seen this issue before and can not repro it locally but I’ll dig through what you provided to see if I can spot the problem.

Maybe an older installer would work out?

Hard to say. I have not had a chance to deep dive into your log file yet. The launcher installed by an old installer would patch up to the latest version so there is no down side to trying it. Will keep you posted when I’m able to debug the issue with the latest installer.

Any chance you could provide a link to older installers?

Hi gchumiston,

I’m sorry for the lack of recent response I’ll follow up with DEADBEEF and see if he’s had any updates. Is this issue still affecting you?

Unfortunately I cannot attach an older installer file here or by email due to the size. I’ll consider other options.

Yeah it’s still ocurring and I understand, everyone is busy with something. Even myself hahaha. Just let me know if you find a way. I’m not giving up yet on learning the engine so I’m here for good. I should be getting a new SSD soon so maybe I’ll test it on that drive? From what I remember, it would override my selection for my additional two drivers and select my C drive only so I doubt it will make a difference. Regardless, please keep me updated. I appreciate you and DEADBEEF taking out time to help me.

Hey again,

I provided you with an older installer when we last spoke. Were you able to make any progress with using it?

Hi gchumiston,

We haven’t heard back from you for a while, so we are marking this post as resolved for tracking purposes. If you are still having troubles, please let us know along with any updated information.