Engine install shows Subscribe (4.5)


I’m trying to install UE 4.5 on a Win8.1 machine and each time I add an engine, I get the options to ‘subscribe’ (I have an active subscription). Running the same process on my Win7 machine gets the ‘install’ option for the 4.5 engine.



Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the response. I did try those troubleshooting suggestions before posting the question, but they did not seem to help.



Hi richyandle,

Sorry to hear that you are having an issue. Please take a look at the Launcher Troubleshooting guide and try out the possible solutions under the “Launcher is unable to download content” section.

Let us know if any of it helps. Or, if not, then please post your Verbose logs as requested in the next section and we’ll investigate further.


Hi righyandle,

Please make sure to follow the instructions at the bottom of the link that Stephen provided and post your ‘Verbose Logs’ as well, they will help us track down the issue.



I did speak with our Accounts department, and they do not observe any issue with your account which should prevent you from downloading the 4.5 engine. As TJ has requested, please provide the verbose logging, and we can take a look to see what the launcher is reporting.

OK, thanks for looking into things. Here is the verbose logfile.

Hello richyandle,

Sorry for the delay in response but we’ve looked into your issue and it appears you have two accounts. Please go to the Epic Games and double check that you are using the correct account that is currently subscribed to UE4.

-Max B.

Bingo! I don’t recall creating a second account, but there it is! Thanks very much for figuring that out. I have successfully downloaded the engine using the correct account, and will now proceed to stand in the corner, wearing my hat of shame. Cheers Max.