Engine install location issue.

Hi, I have the launcher installed on a separate hard drive (H:) from my C:\ which is a SSD that’s running low on space. When I install Engine 4.7.1 it installs to the C:\ without any options. Any projects or example files I download to test out also setup on the C:. Is there anyway to re-direct where the engine/projects go?


Hi nymbis,

So if I’m reading this right, you have 2 Epic Games folders (one in C:\Program Files\Epic Games and the other in H:\Epic Games folder?) and the 4.7 engine folder in the C drive Epic Games folder? Do you have anything in your Epic Games Folder on the H drive?

There no way to change that (atleast i don’t know how to do it), but there workaround for this, but i don’t know if you consider that crazy… you can move “Documents” folder to different disk, you can do that in Documents folder properties (right click forder and then properties) and in location tab you will have Move option. It should automatically move all files in it and fix registers, so it’s quite non-invasive operation.

Hey Maximus, Yes I have “H:\Unreal Engine” Launcher content on H: but if I install the engine it defaults to the “C:.… documents” path. I do not have any content/projects setup at the moment but wanted to sort this out before hand.

Hi , Thanks for the workaround! I didn’t know that was an option. Good on you Microsoft. That’ll do!

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