Engine - Input keeps disappearing

I was doing the tutorial and for whatever reason once I reached 20 elements the 21st one keeps vanishing after I restart Rocket or load a new project then go back to the tutorial project.

So I added the JUMP and SpaceBar worked fine then when I added the FIRE and LeftMouse it was fine and both were working I also made sure that I had clicked SAVE AS DEFAULTS.
When I reloaded the project the last member being Fire one was gone. When I put it in place of the jump and put the jump in the new element it was again fine and working until I reloaded the project.

Same thing is happening here. And I checked the DefaultInput.ini file: the new bindings ARE there, they just don’t show up in the Editor (in the project properties), and also don’t work.

Maybe this is because I’m running Debug Editor mode… let’s see…

Nope. Running in Develompent Editor, the bindings aren’t there as well. Even though they are still showing on DefaultInput.ini.

I really have no idea how to reproduce this bug. If you want, Epic, I can upload my project for you to check.

For now, I have to export / import bindings when I need them. That works.

Hi Emile,

Thank you for your report. I was able to reproduce this issue in Beta 6, but can confirm that it has since been reported and resolved in our main branch. You will see this change reflected in a future release of Rocket.

Thank you,


thanks thought I was going crazy there :slight_smile:

If anyone is having real issues with this and cant wait for the update, you can set up binds in code as well. For example in the player controller SetupInputComponent function, you go:

void ANewPlayerController::SetupInputComponent()

	PlayerInput->AddActionMapping(FInputActionKeyMapping(FName("Use"), EKeys::E));

Obviously its only a stop gap measure, but can save everyone else having to reimport until the new beta is out.

Can I get support crate code