Engine Input - Android Tilt, Rotation Rate, Gravity, Acceleration


It would appear that within the Engine - Input controls that there are input methods for Tilt, Rotation Rate, Gravity, Acceleration, but are these being stored properly as Vectors? I was reading an article that said it would be added in 4.2, but it’s 4.3 now and haven’t seen any update. Can we confirm if this is added?

If it isn’t it would appear that you would need to make a custom blueprint for these controls. Would utilizing this be the method to use and can we confirm it’s possible?

Thanks for your help!

It went in with this commit. And has been available since 4.2.0-preview. The sensors use the regular input system mechanics. I.e. it works the same as the iOS sensors.

Hi Sneadles,

These should all be available to you by 4.2. You can locate the events now using Blueprints and they do return a vector. You can get the Tilt, Gravity, Rotation Rate and Acceleration events by simply searching for them in the right-click menu. If you are having any difficulties with these new events, please let me know and I will be happy to help you further.

Hello ,

I’m trying to accomplish the player to move in the direction that they move their phone. So if they move their phone to the left, the player will move to the left, and depending on how far to the left they move their phone to the left, the faster the player will go.

Below was the original idea of how to get this working. However, as we can see it isn’t ;). I believe it’s because we need to use the engine inputs directly for acceleration? However, I’m not sure how to utilize those properly. Any advice on how to solve this?

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