Engine in WSL environment

Has anyone run the engine in WSL environment after compiling through crosutils?

I have one issue after compiled it in any configuration

./UE4Editor-Linux-Debug: symbol lookup
error: /mnt/e/Unreal Engine
undefined symbol:

on real linux system, after compiling through native binutils, i have no errors. But my primary develop platform are Windows and i prefer building here. And if it possible run in WSL it will be very comfortably to debug

Did you cross-build it using our cross-toolchain? Maybe RPATHs got embedded wrong. Would you readelf -a libUE4Editor-UnrealEd-Linux-Debug.so and attach the output here?

Yes. v13_clang-7.0.1-centos7

Engine - 4.22 from 4.22 branch

Visual Studio - Community 2019 16.0.3

WSL setup with Ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS from Market

addition packages for environment - gdb and binutils

I just rebuild engine to Editor Development configuration from scratch. Error is here. readelf output in attachment.link text

One more thing.
i found _Z50Z_Construct_UClass_UAnimPreviewInstance_NoRegisterv in libUE4Editor-AnimGraph.debug, so it`s seems function must be exported from there.

And yes

nm -D libUE4Editor-AnimGraph.so | grep

00000000002ff040 T _Z50Z_Construct_UClass_UAnimPreviewInstance_NoRegisterv

There’s something wrong with the libUE4Editor-UnrealEd-Linux-Debug.so binary, since the bulk of DT_NEEDED entries are missing - it does not depend on any of the other editor libraries. Probably a bug in the FixDeps step of the cross-build process, which is different from the native build. Unfortunately there’s no easy solution right now, but here’s the number of JIRA that is tracking the issue: UE-68926

What about LD_PRELOAD ? or another workaround?