Engine forgets blueprints

I have a master blueprint for my character with 2 subclasses for each team, which again have 6 subclasses for different ingame classes.


However I have noticed multiple times, that after restarting the project, blueprints which are not currently referenced by anything will be ‘forgotten’. In this case forgotten means, I cant select them in dropdown menus, for example all shown blueprints inherit from WFO_Character, however in my selection widget I can only choose between these blueprints (Medic was chosen as temporary default value, so its in use):


Up till now, I didnt really notice, but Im migrating my project into a new clean project and since I wanted to save some work, I made a lot of empty blueprints for easy referecing. Turns out I couldnt select any of those after a restart…

Right click or double click on the “forgotten” Blueprint (which will load it into memory) and then check the dropdown again. I’ve had same issue but i dont think its a bug. The dropdown will try to find all Blueprints that are loaded in memory and if you have created a Blueprint that is not referenced anywhere then Engine wont load it on startup.

Ok, thanks for the solution. I wouldve thought, that once created the parent bp has some kind of permanent list of its children, but if this is how it works, its acceptable.