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When moving around in Unreal Editor, I’d like to be able to remap Q and E keys to ctrl and space to match how I play FPS.

This is how my muscle memory works, so I’d like to adjust the tool to suit.

Asked this question on Answer hub and got no response.


Unreal Engine Editor - Auto-hide panels

Modes, Content Browser, Details and Scene Outliner panels should have the option to auto-hide like in Visual Studio.

They take up a lot of screen real estate.

Even with a 4k display I find myself running out of room when doing certain things with Blueprints.

Unreal Engine Editor - Middle Mouse button for panning, not right mouse button

Middle Mouse button for panning, not right mouse button.

Currently I use a tool called StrokeIt - Mouse Gestures for Windows, which is used for gestures when holding down right mouse button.

I find that I have to disable it when using Unreal Engine Editor as I am unable to pan around.

Unreal Engine Editor - Ctrl+W does not close tabs

Standard shortcut key in a lot of programs that has tabs is to close a tab using ctrl+w.

Unreal Engine Editor - Blueprint Zoom - Max is 1:1, need higher zoom, 2:1, 4:1

I am using a 4k screen and while 1:1 is fine for me, some times when I need to show others what is on my screen who are looking over my shoulder 1:1 is not a high enough zoom level.

I am thinking at least 2:1, maybe 4:1

Unreal Engine Editor - Blueprint - Connecting Line crossing - Loop option

With an extensive Construction background, I’ve seen A LOT of P&IDs (Piping / Process and Instrumentation Diagrams) and PFD’s (Process Flow Diagrams)

A standard which have been used for a long time is to use a loop when two lines cross over each other.

Here is an example from AutoCAD 2015.

It increases the readability of the lines.