Engine Features Preview 4/09/2015

We’re excited to share a few of the new features now available on the Master branch on GitHub. To be able to try out these new features, you will need to download the source code for the Master branch and build the Engine yourself. For more information about how to build the Engine from source code, please see this page. The Master branch on GitHub is constantly being updated and is not quality tested so it may be potentially unstable. We do not recommend using the Master branch for project development. If you wish to wait, these features will be made available to all in an upcoming official release.

Engine News

New Features

New: Open World Demo Collection!

A collection of realistic assets from Epic’s Open World Kite Cinematic shown at GDC 2015 is now available for download from the UE4 marketplace. And the best part, for free!


This pack includes:
42 Photo-realistic meshes with LODs15 Foliage
21 Rocks
6 Trees
138 Textures from 2048 up to 8192
14 Tiling Ground Materials with Normal and Displacement


Curious about our photo-reconstruction process? Watch our GDC 2015 session here!

Important Note: The assets in this pack are designed for extremely high end systems. When opening the content the first time, expect long processing times as the editor compresses high resolution textures. Also make sure to have about 4 GB of hard drive space to store the cached rendering data.

"Replace with" for Anim Notifies

We were looking for a quicker way to replace existing Anim Notifies with other kinds of Anim Notifies, so we added a “Replace with” option to the right-click menu for Anim Notifies in Persona:


It also lets you replace existing AnimNotifyStates with other types of AnimNotifyStates:


It also supports multiple select to replace several Anim Notifies with a new type of Anim Notify at the same time.


(Note that currently you can only replace regular AnimNotifies (0 duration) with other regular AnimNotifies, and AnimNotifyStates ( >0 duration) can only be replaced with other AnimNotifyStates, so multiply selecting a mixture of the two and replacing is not supported for the time being.)​​

​It uses the same code path as creating new Anim Notifies, so If the notify you are replacing with has an associated asset type like a sound or particle system, if you select an appropriate asset it in the content browser, it will get applied to all the replacement notifies:


​It also copies over information for snapping to sections in Montages:


​(The little blue arrows indicate which section of the Montage the AnimNotify is snapped to).

Drag and Dropping to Create New Pins

Recently we have implemented a new feature to drag and drop a pin connection onto Function and Macro Entry/Result nodes, Collapsed Graph nodes (and their entry/result nodes in their graphs), and Custom Event nodes.

To use this feature, just drag a pin connection over the node:


The results will be a new pin, already named and connected.


Note that, at this time, this feature does not support many of the other types of nodes that support adding new pins, such as: Make Array, various math nodes, Format Text, Switch, among others

The add pin feature is awesome, but pretty please with sugar on top let us be able to reorder pins in functions, collapsed graphs etc.

Keep up the good work!

More great features! AnimNotifies were a bit “odd” to work with occasionally, so I’m very happy to see it being improved upon!

Hi there ,

About :

ATM , no need to downloading this pack , complet world will coming when Unreal Engine 4.8 will be realesed ? I am wrong ?


As far as I know it will come with 4.8 yes. But why not download it already so you can play with it/use it?

Oh yes off course man , just talking for me , because i just need an another harddrive. :wink:

In case you want hard numbers:

6.36GB Download in VaultCache
6.36GB KiteDemo content folder when added to a project
6.00GB Once loaded, in C…UnrealEngine\Common\DerivedDataCache

So you will be looking at over 18GB, It is worth it though, even if you just look at the dancing shadows on the leaves of the Myrtle

Expect an hour loading the first time to populate the DDCache,
(mine crashed PC, then continued next time, and was fine, only about 18fps so new GPU is on the cards)

Open the Overview map first, small one, then when you have time to let it load go for the showcase.

Transmitthis, what GPU are you using?

Oh man, the new way to add pins and change notifies is just great! Thanks for the new features update!

I noticed that you changed the YouTube videos on blueprints and such to reflect “pre. v. 4.7”, is there something in upcoming features in UE4 that would require this? Or are you just trying to differentiate that some newer features might be covered in older videos?