Engine Features Preview 12/11

We’re excited to share a few of the new features now available on the Master branch on GitHub. To be able to try out these new features, you will need to download the source code for the Master branch and build the Engine yourself. For more information about how to build the Engine from source code, please see this page. The Master branch on GitHub is constantly being updated and is not quality tested so it may be potentially unstable. We do not recommend using the Master branch for project development. If you wish to wait, these features will be made available to all in an upcoming official release.

Engine News

New Features
Collision Traces Using Profiles
We now have the ability to doing traces using a collision profile instead of a trace channel and response params.
The UWorld trace functions are the same except they end with “ByProfile” (ex. SweepSingleByProfile).
This allows data-driven collision responses without having to create new trace channels.

There is a BlueprintType structure called ‘CollisionProfileName’ that can be used to specify collision profiles in blueprints. It uses the collision profiles setup for your project…


…and creates a custom combo box widget.


There is also a graph pin widget that supports expose on spawn.


The blueprint trace functions have not been added yet but will be soon.

New Options for Possessing AI Pawns

Users now have more control over how AI Pawns are possessed.

Previously AI Pawns were automatically possessed only if they were placed in the level, but not when dynamically spawned.
Now users can select other options: you do not have to explicitly spawn a controller and possess the pawn-- just spawn the AI with auto-possess enabled, and you are good to go!


LogVisualizer Search Improvements

Recently we have made improvements to the search functionality within the LogVisualizer tool!
This should help users to find specific text in logged data.
[/COLOR]See Video below for how the new search feature works:

The LogVisualizer looks pretty awesome.


Why do I always get the problem of long filenames with the Master Branch?

Have you pulling the master directory to the root of your file system and compiling it there?

I would love to hear of a brief overview of Fornight’s special move system and how it interacts with the AI module.

This is in the same folder as the 4.6 Release and I have no problems with that - why the difference?