Engine & Editor improvements needed

*Instead of needed these are a list of workflow improvements based on my experience with the engine that in my opinion will act in favor of a better user experience…

My updated list of features and changes with images:

  1. Give and option to create custom paks and setup the name for the paks:

    A. You can set the name of the paks.
    B. The main/core engine/game files go to the default Common.pak/Core.pak
    C. If no setup custom packages the default is Game.pak & Common.pak/Core.pak
    D. You can select the files to each package from the Content Browser setup the folders or files to each package.


  1. In movies change to individual the Wait/Skippable for each movie:

    A. You can select what intros/movies can skip and what not.


  1. 3D Grid next/in the axis in Vertical & Horizontal:

    A. Better view in the 3D viewport of the location of the entity.
    B. Add a button to turn On/Off.


  1. Add oldschool decal (Plane with texture):

    A. If drag&drop to scene detect the faces of other models and place next to the faces.
    B. (Other ideas) You can change the opacity & Color.


  1. Receives Decals change bool to Channels:

    A. With Channels you can select what decals affect to the model and what no.


  1. Better Splines:

    A. An option in the Blueprint to don’t hide the spline if deselect the Blueprint in the editor.
    B. You can change scale, rotation & location of the splines and save the info to use in-game/editor.


  1. Better Material Editor:

    A. Add options to preview the different layers of the material in the material editor (Lit, Unlit, Wireframe, Metallic…)
    B. Wireframe preview with textured wires to view the Tessellation & the texture in custom models.


  1. Add Prefabs / AssetGroups / Groups Saved:

    A. Add an option to create a prefab from a selected group in the editor/map or create new from the Content Browser.
    B. The Prefabs need to be editable with the same features of the normal editor (Best way some type of save like custom type of maps) you can edit with right click -> Edit in the Content Browser.
    C. You can drag&drop to the map the prefab (is a group you cannot edit that in the maps, only can be edited in the edit mode from B).
    D. Don’t are Blueprints don’t need functions but need support all content from a normal map (Lights, Volumes, Collisions, BSP, Blueprints).
    E. Screenshot thumbnail in the Content Browser to view the prefab image. (Like the project images).
    F. In the imported maps prefabs display as the blueprints in the Scene Outliner (Only one component).
    G. You can rotate, move, (scale optional) the prefab/group.
    H. Add “Prefabs” filter to the Content Browser.


  1. LODs improve.

    A. Add an option in the models to select a LOD without model.
    B. Add an option to select at what distance the model hide/unload/disappear near & far.

  2. Content Browser maps add screenshot thumbnail to view the map image. (Like the project images):

    A. Better idea/differentiation between of the map at select what map to open.

  3. Add waypoints:

    A. Better differentiation of other entities.
    B. Functions for AI to use waypoints without navmesh. (For fly entities)

  4. Add an option in the Blueprints to select Render Priority:

    A. For example to render weapons before of the wall.


  • If add smooth LODs transitions give the option to select the normal transitions or smooth in the project.
  • If add patch support for the pak files add an option to patch using the names of the paks for order _04 (before) & _8 (after) and read the files of the last pak.

My old post & other requests: