Engine crashes, whole project has to be rebuild

Short question.

I currently encounter a problem when the games crashes. (the crash is my fault and I am currently fixing it)
The problem is after the engine crashes, some parts of the game mechanism are broken, all which are implemented in C++ not BPs. The only way to solve it, to close the editor, delete all binaries and VS files, recreate the project files, recompile and restart the engine.

The annoying part is, sometimes you will have to repeat the process a couple of times before it comes back to normal.

I guess UE4 caches some c++ stuff somewhere or I am not sure.
Any hint on, maybe not how solve it but be able to fix it more reliable - instead of having to rebuild the whole project a couple of time before it starts working again.

Thanks for the help

Unless you’ve got some code that is somehow dependent on data that gets corrupted, this doesn’t make any sense at all.

I can’t even imagine how you could get the engine into a state like that.

Is the crash due to hot reloading? Are you also working on some plugins? if yes, are you linking that/them statically or dynamically?
Symptoms: crash points to random classes that you made.

Its easy to break engine if it’s compiled from source!