Engine crashes while doing random "demanding" tasks like loading level/switching to landscape tool.

Not sure where else to post this, after changing to a new PC build recently, with an AMD cpu instead of Intel, but same 1060GTX gpu, I’ve been experiencing a lot of instability when working with Unreal. The engine sometimes just crashes on randomly mildly demanding task, such as switching to landscape tool for the first time, loading sublevels, finishing compiling shaders, enabling wireframe, opening a new level, etc. Crashes occur only sometimes, restarting engine and doing same thing again often works fine, leading me to think there’s some instability with graphic drivers or directX 11, but I have the latest versions there.

Anyone has any idea what could be causing this?

Here’s the crashlog:

Fatal error: [File: D:\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\RenderCore\Private\RenderingThread.cpp] [Line: 826]
Rendering thread exception:
Fatal error: [File :D:\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line: 251]
Result failed at D:\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Viewport.cpp:361 with error E_INVALIDARG
0x00007ffe43ac5549 KERNELBASE.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffdd798cd1a UE4Editor-Core.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffdd776a967 UE4Editor-Core.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffdd76a0df7 UE4Editor-Core.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffdcad00f16 UE4Editor-D3D11RHI.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffdcacdeb8e UE4Editor-D3D11RHI.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffdcacec798 UE4Editor-D3D11RHI.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffe0e853905 UE4Editor-RHI.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffe0e853495 UE4Editor-RHI.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffe0e8545bc UE4Editor-RHI.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffe0e84ba45 UE4Editor-RHI.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffdcaa6179e UE4Editor-SlateRHIRenderer.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffdcaa679ca UE4Editor-SlateRHIRenderer.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffdd7531798 UE4Editor-Core.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffdd7531c56 UE4Editor-Core.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffe237f9af9 UE4Editor-RenderCore.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffe237faa74 UE4Editor-RenderCore.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffdd798c500 UE4Editor-Core.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffdd797cac1 UE4Editor-Core.dll!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffe44b581f4 KERNEL32.DLL!UnknownFunction ]
0x00007ffe4790a251 ntdll.dll!UnknownFunction ]

Anyone? :frowning:

Looking at the line in question in D3D11Util.cpp:

TerminateOnDeviceRemoved(D3DResult, Device);
TerminateOnOutOfMemory(D3DResult, false);

UE_LOG(LogD3D11RHI, Fatal,TEXT("%s failed 
 at %s:%u 
 with error %s"),ANSI_TO_TCHAR(Code),ANSI_TO_TCHAR(Filename),Line,*ErrorString);

My best guess is that you’re running out of memory, but it’s hard to say.

Hmm, I thought that the false in TerminateOnOutOfMemory(D3DResult, false); meant the opposite, but I guess it’s an argument for something else. This would be odd. I have 16GB RAM, and watching task manager it seems to be okay when using Unreal. At the very least it shouldn’t crash if run out, no?

Im going through the samething, im got a 16GiGs of DDR4 ram, im in the middle of doing Blue printing then UE4 crashes, now as soon I start create grid I get a message my system run out of Ram and my PC has a i7 6 core and a 16GB of DDR4.

That TerminateOnOutOfMemory(D3DResult, false) , see the bold I put on it, means Direct 3 D or DirectX, meaning it is running out of memory on GPU and I can confirm that Editor always crash when that happen. Probably you are handling large texture sets and change materials quite frequently, this is causing it. You might want to work with smaller textures (downsample in the asset editor details) and once you finished tweak you can change back to original sizes.

PS: It would be important see the whole log, because there is currently an issue with GPU disconnections that affect some motherboard vendors which affects Intel and AMD the same, no matter the GPU in use.

Odd. I used the same GPU with 6GB memory to work on same project in my old Intel build, and had no issues. Afaik nothing extreme was added recently.

Is this the full log?

This seems to be the full log this time. While there is not much of a clear reason for the crash, reading again the the 1st post, you mentioned on changing the CPUs + mobo, and my question is, did you reinstall windows completely? Because there are reports on things getting weird letting Windows doing the update for the new parts and letting some garbage behind that causes instability. If you didn’t reinstall Windows I would advice to do so. If you installed, then the only thing is to keep sending the crash reports when the screen appears and hope for the fix. Did you tried with UE4.22 preview 6? Also, UE4.22 will release this week, so it might be good if you can also test with the preview and if it still crashes, keep sending the crash reports.

Don’t forget to backup your project if moving to 4.22, because you won’t be able to revert back to 4.21.

Yup, full clean install. I guess I am out of luck trying to fix this :confused:

The irony is that I updated specifically to have a better PC to work in Unreal haha.

Bump, I’m at my wits end here soon, editor continues crashing doing completely random stuff like dragging mesh into the level or generating collisions. Anyone has any ideas where I can look to try troubleshooting this?

Are you submitting the bug reports with the crash dialog? It helps if you have the debug symbols installed. (you can do it with the launcher using the drop-down arrow at the engine release button)
Is it still happening with the same project or does it happen with a new project aswel?
What happens when you open any demo project and try do the same operations you do at your project? Does the crash happen aswel?

Also important, which is the release you are using now? Which is the driver version for your graphics card?