Engine crashes whenever I press Play

I was following along a tutorial on learning how to use the engine, and when I pressed the play button to test it the engine crashes. It played just fine on the video so there’s probably something wrong on my end. Here are the logs because I’m sure that’s needed to find the problem. link text


Thank you for providing the logs.

  • Could you please cause the crash to occur again, and provide your Machine ID from the crash reporter window? Also, ensure to hit Send on the Crash Report.
  • Could you provide your DxDiag?

Thank you.

MachineId: link text574989214B9FC434E6E2B0857F9B6321

Try updating your graphics card drivers, as it looks like you are not using the latest.

Are you able to open a clean, blank project successfully?

I can make a blank project successfully and I updated the graphics card drivers and it still crashes. Could it be caused by having too many Actors in a Map?

If you can open a blank project and play it without a crash occurring, it is most likely related to an issue with the project that you are using.

It depends on how many Actors you have on the map, but it is definitely a possibility.

Are you getting a Callstack appearing in your Crash Reporter window after the crash occurs? If so, could you please copy and paste that here?

It says I do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for the crash.
Also I tried deleting some Actors and even set the Engine Scalability Settings to Low and it still crashes.

If you do not have the debugging symbols, you’ll need to go into your Launcher, go to the Library tab, and click the dropdown arrow next to the Launch button of your engine version. In this menu, select Options and ensure you have the Editor Symbols for Debugging option selected (this is a large installation).

Or if you do not have the space for these symbols, you can send the crash report and provide your Machine ID from the CR window, and I can look it up in our database.

Here’s the MachineId: 574989214B9FC434E6E2B0857F9B6321

It looks like in order to attempt to determine the cause of this crash, I’ll need to take a look at your project. Could you zip up your project, upload it to Dropbox, and provide a link so I can download it? If you’re concerned about privacy, you can PM me the link on the forums: https://forums.unrealengine.com/member.php?160394-Sean-Flint

PM has been sent.

After looking at the project, commenting out the code in the OpenDoor and CloseDoor functions resolved the issue.

I see that you are attempting to call SetActorRotation on Owner, but I don’t see you setting Owner anywhere. It could be related to passing in a null reference. If you are setting Owner, please let me know where, as I could simply be overlooking it.

You’re right, the missing setter for Owner was the problem. I guess while I was watching the video I must have missed that particular line. Thanks for all your assistance on this, it was a big help.