Engine crashes when using texture sample

Every time I try to load texture sample in the material editor, it crashes and the whole engine crashes
please help
note: I’m still a beginner in unreal

Hi Mostafa Tarek -

Can you post the Machine ID from the Crash Reporter Window the pops up when the engine crashes? Make sure to submit the crash as well so we can find it quickly. If it is a particular texture that is doing this, including the texture here would also be helpful

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

here is the pop up window when the engine crashes, and it’s not a particular texture causes that, I tried more than one texture and the engine crashes

Ah, This is actual a Windows Error that is causing the engine to shut down. I will need to see your Windows Event Viewer Log for the time of this incident.

Follow the instructions here

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And link me the resulting file(s).

And also please include a copy of your DXDIAG?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

here are the files you asked for:

link text

Thank You

OK, so this issue is thankfully an easy fix for you. It is caused by an overload to the Intel Graphics System File igdusc64.dll and to keep your computer stable, Windows shuts down the Editor.

First, Your DXDIAG shows you are only using an Intel Integrated Graphics Card which is fine and should run the engine ok; however, I want to check, if you have an ATI or NVidia Graphics Card Installed as well, the logs show that it is not in fact registering when the engine opens. In that case, you will need to look at assigning UE4Editor.exe to always use High Performance settings (meaning using the Graphics card).

If however you are on a computer which only uses the Intel Graphics adapter you will need to simply update the Video Driver to the newest version which can be obtained from Intel via this link:

Download Intel Drivers and Software

I should note that other users have reported that Intel (or their computer/laptop manufacturer) is telling them that they do not need an update. If this is the case, please check to make sure that your driver version is below the driver number. If it is at that driver number and you are still having this issue, please let us know. If not, one user had to force install the new update by downgrading his driver to an older version and then manually installing the driver linked above.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

are you sure this update will not have bad effect on my device, because I recently updated my video card(ATI) and the screen went crazy.
and I have AMD Radeon HD 8670M

If you have an ATI card, you need to use the Catalyst Control Center to assign UE4Editor.exe to use High Performance not Power Saving.

This way you will not need to update the Intel Graphics Card.

Eric Ketchum

oh great this worked for me
thanks alot