Engine crashes when playing in edit mode


Ive been having huge issues for the last few days with my game crashing and causing all kinds of stacks. Today it got worse…

For days we have been riddled with really unhelpful stacks and I cant seem to find any form of crash log.

Its only been happening for the last few days and with our beta testing coming up, we are under a lot of pressure to figure out the problem. The only things we have done since the crashes first started was building our map.

We have been doing this for over 6 months before these bugs started to occur

For ref Engine is 4.3.1.

Ive tried reinstalling the engine, updating to 4.3.1, redownloading our game from the SVN, loading seperate autosaves (which fixed an equally unhelpful call stack…Attempted to save a bogus object) or (Fatal Error)

Me and my team are at block as to what could possibly be causing the issue.

ANY help would be gratefully appreciated.

Hi, I can see some of your crash reports on this side, however I can’t correlate with the ID - when was this report submitted?

The majority of the crashes I see are to do with garbage-collecting Instanced Foliage Actors. Somehow, something that the actor is referencing has become invalid in some way - checking your logs when you get the crash may reveal more details. You can find your log in [GameDir]/Saved/Logs.

If your problematic crash is the one referred to above (with foliage actor garbage collection), it was fixed in UE4 master branch on GitHub in this commit.