Engine crashes when I try to attach camera in character blueprint to a bone socket

In Uneal Engine 4.8.3 when I try to attach a second camera to a bone socket in the character blueprint viewport (as soon as I click to the magnifying glass icon) the engine freezes and crashes. I followed this video tutorial:


Previously (in 4.7) I could attach the second camera to socket without any bug following that tutorial.

Same issue with the base camera.

I started a new Third Person Template but the bug remained.

My RAM usage suddenly triples when the engine freezes.

Hope these bonus informations help :slight_smile:


Hi Cyber Spear,

I haven’t been able to reproduce a crash using that tutorial. Does this freeze only occur in your current project, or can you reproduce it in a new project as well? Does the Crash Reporter window come up? If so, please copy the information there and paste it here in a reply. Please also attach your dxdiag and the log from the project’s Saved\Logs folder after this freeze occurs. Thanks!

Yes, I can reproduce that same problem in newly created Third Person Template projects as well.

The Crash Report window comes up after a while (~20 seconds).

I attached all 3 files.

link text

link text

link text

Thank you for your quick response. Very positive thing how Epic treat their users. (the good community, the various helps and tutorials, the detailed and understandable documentation, the example projects and free contents, and of course the Engine which is great and easy to use compared to others (and that now it’s free)) I know that this isn’t a place for this but I use UE4 for about a year and now I must tell it to you that what you are doing is fantastic. I think UE4 is the best an indie developer could wish. Keep it up!


Cyber Spear

Thanks for the encouragement, that’s always great to hear =)

Hm, this doesn’t look like any crashes we’re aware of. Would you mind uploading the test project you made and post a download link for me? I want to see if this is something in your system or something in the project. Thanks!

Of course I wouldn’t mind. Here is the link:

link text

This is the Epic Third Person Template I newly created.

Maybe the loading of the available bones and sockets creates the crash (if it doesn’t find them or something and keeps trying it again and again until it freezes the engine), but maybe some other stuff.

If nothing helps is there any other way I could attach that camera to the socket (maybe manually), or any other way I could do the FPS/TPS toggle? Because that would be my goal.


Thanks! So this crash was happening when you clicked on the Magnifying Glass in the Parent Socket parameter of the FPSCamera component? I opened up your project and didn’t have any problems with that, so I’m guessing the problem lies with your version of the editor.

First thing to try: go to the Launcher, and in the Library tab, select the 4.8 slot and choose Verify. Then try again in a new project.

If Verifying the engine install didn’t work, try this: here is a link to the project you sent me, with the Parent Socket assigned. Take a look at that and see if it still has that in place. If so, you might be able to work with that for now, though I’d still like to figure out what’s causing the problem. Let me know what happens either way.

Next, see if the same problem occurs for you in the 4.9 Preview 2, if you have that available.

Yes the problem occours exactly as you say in your first sentence.

Unfortunately I only have mobile internet and now they (T-home… I hate them) slowed it down to ~16 KB/s and it remains slow until the turning day (10th day of each month). This speed is even not enough to the launcher to be able to connect to your server. So for now update or verifying is impossible.

I downloaded the file with my last fast megabytes and yes it’s still in place and I can use it but it isn’t my project file so unfortunately I can’t use it for anything.

I have a partner who maybe can attach the camera to the socket but if he has the same problem could I ask you to do the same thing you did with the test project with my real project? If so I can only upload it in the 10th of August. I’ll inform you about what happened.

Thank you so much

That wouldn’t be a problem, just send me a link to it via PM on the forums:


Strange that your partner is experiencing the same issue on his end, though. Makes me think this isn’t an engine install problem. Once you have better internet, try out the Verify and the 4.9 Preview and let me know what happens. Thanks!

Hey, just checking in to see if you’re able to check this in 4.9 Preview or send me the project to fix up for you in the meantime.

Hey Cyber Spear,

I haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m resolving this post for tracking purposes. Let me know if you’re still having trouble with this and if you’ve been able to test in 4.9 Preview yet. Thanks!