Engine crashes on cancelling an fbx import, THAT IS NOT NORMAL.

As soon as I bring up the import FBX window options to import an FBX file and then Hit CANCLE
instead of hitting import THE ENGINE says its canclling the fbx import and then up pops
the BOD Grey crash screen. That is NOT what the editor is supposed to do, go into a Grey screen
of death just because you hit cancle, cancel is supposed to just shut the import window down and
return you back into the editor to carry on where you left off in your work, not return you into a crash stop developers screen. Which means in 14.4 the code aint been fixed if that’s all its gonna do.

Did you send a crash report? You can also check the logs in your project folder to see what happened.

Make sure to report it on answerhub: + add information like the log file, engine version,… :slight_smile: