Engine Crashes All Version

So I just want to say before I start explaining my situation that I have had so many issues with UE I have no clue how someone can maintain a releasable game using it. This platform crashes all the time, I can not tell you how many bugs and wasted time I have spent fixing and researching how to fix it I can safely say I have spent more time tracking down UE bugs then working on my game. So that’s where I am at right now.

Anyway to go on to explaining the issue, as of now when opening up any map the engine crashes. I first saw an issue when I was using the foliage brush to add grass and trees to my map and then on all four of my monitors they turned different shades of gray and stayed that way. I had to restart my computer. The next time I tried opening the project after restarting I got a unable to load map message because the map might have been saved with a later version (I don’t remember the exact error, I am sitting at work now). So I came on here and found that I should just use an auto saved map from before the incident and load it in after opening the project and getting that error message. Same problem gray screens and I had to restart the computer. So I thought, ■■■■ now I need to recreate the map, perfect this would happen to me. I made my peace and started a new project. Opened that, and guess what same gray screen, had to restart. At this point I was a little relieved that I didn’t have to restart my map because if it was an issue with the starter project then that means it was an issue with UE. After this I was like OK lets just check the other engines. I had 4.7, and 4.10 also installed. Both crashed out to gray screens, on some occasions after my screen blacked out I was returned to my desktop and a message showed up that the NVidia driver crashed. So I updated that just in case. Retried all projects and engines again, all the same issues. SO THEN I uninstalled UE and all engines and reinstalled. ALL THE SAME ■■■■.

Projects are empty C++ types

No I don’t have another Machine to test on.
My specs are:
32gb Ram
intel i7
nvidia 980gtx
msi gaming 7 Motherboard
Nvidia Drivers 355.6 then 358.91
My specs aren’t an issue and this has been working fine the last 3 months.

Please tell me what you need to figure this out…

[link text][1]
[1]: 67017-dxdiag.txt (101 KB)

Hello Dtaggart,

To start, could you upload a screenshot of this gray screen you speak of or does it cause the entire computer to freeze when it occurs? You use the word crash but have you received any callstacks? If so, please post them here in a text file.

I noticed from your dxdaig that 4 Nvidia GTX 980s are listed. Can I assume that each of these are plugged up to a single monitor since you also mention 4 monitors? If so, could you try testing to see if the same issue occurs with a single card / monitor to see if the issue could be related to that?

Edit: Ah, I forgot that the dxdiag displays the display adapter for each monitor, so do you have a single GTX 980 or multiple?

I don’t think it freezes the computer, I can’t get a screen shot because after it happens I can’t see anything so I can’t save the screen shot. The reason why I don’t think the computer freezes is because I can still hear my music playing of a video from youtube I was watching after a little testing after I posted this.

No crashes, I checked the eventlog and didn’t see anything. I will fix the title if I can. Was in a bad state of mind when I wrote this lol, thanks for responding.

I only have one installed, my guess it is just showing that each of my monitors are hooked up to it, I do have a my old gtx960 hooked up but nothing is plugged into it.

Well if that’s the case it’s most likely the display driver crashing rather than the computer itself. Please give a single monitor a try and see if it happens.

If it still does, also try having it happen again and immediately Alt+F4 to close the editor when it occurs. If it is the graphics driver crashing, it should attempt to restart itself. If it does, there should be a message that pops up from the system tray saying something along the lines of “Nvidia Kernel Driver has stopped responding and recovered”.

If all else fails, would it be possible to give that 960 a try to see if it could be some compatibility issues with the 980? We’ve had reports of other issues with the 980 ti but haven’t had a chance to test it for compatibility as of yet. Just attempting to narrow down the problem as much as possible since there isn’t a callstack or error message to go on.

We haven’t heard from you in a while, Dtaggart. Are you still experiencing these issues? If so, have you been able to try any of the methods in my previous comment? In the meantime, I’ll be marking this issue as resolved for tracking purposes.