Engine Crash while opening

My project doesn’t want to open. Everytime I try to open it, crashes when it’s loading (around 96%). Before that worked perfectly and never crashed, never had any problems, only started crashing after it was used last time: I saved and closed and, while closing, it crashed.

I’m using a Early 2011 Macbook pro 15’
Disk: SSD Samsung EVO 840 250Gb
Graphic Card: AMD Radeon HD 6750m
8Gb ram
Processor: Quad core Intel I7 2,2 Ghz.
OS: Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9.5

Crash Report PDF
The crash report is noted in the attached PDF.


  • Try deleting your Saved and Intermediate folders and reopening the project.
  • Do you remember what change(s) you made before the project crashed the last time?
  • Are you getting a crash when attempting to open a clean project?

Thanks a lot Sean.

I did check into it a lot and ended realizing that was generating the problem was the “My character” blueprint. The last thing I did was making an inventory system that would allow me to pick up an object (key) to open a door. I did it according to this tutorial: UE4 Tutorial | Use Keycard to Unlock Door - YouTube

I used the same system of creating a blueprint interface and using it to make the connection and variables between Character-Key-Door.

The difference resides in that I have 3 doors in my level which should be opened with independent keys. So I triplicated the Door, Key and BlueprintInterface blueprints, and basically did the process three times. It did work while I was working in the engine but as soon as I closed it, crashed and didn’t open again. After all of this, I used one of the backups generated by the engine to replace the MyCharacter blueprint until it worked and the project opened again.

The last backup that worked was the one who had the system for this inventory but just once instead of three times. So the problem must reside in the triplication of the system, but I can’t figure out why it works one, but three times it crashes the engine completely.
I’ll try to dig into it some more, if you want I can post screenshots of the blueprints, if that could help.

Definitely post some screenshots if you can. Have you tried creating the other two blueprints that you need from scratch instead of duplicating them, and seeing if you still get the crash to occur? I’d be interested to hear the results.

I’ll try doing as you propose and will post my results.

I will post screenshots as soon as I can.

Thank you. I will await your results and screenshots before I continue to investigate this issue.

Sean, thanks a lot for your help. I did trying making everything from scratch instead of duplicating them and changing the names, and it worked. Didn’t crash afterwards. Thank you a lot!

Still I attach images of the blueprints

One of the changes that I did was that, in this case, every blueprint interface, instead of the inputs of the “Add Inventory” Function having just “Item” as name, I renamed them so that they would be “Item_2” and “Item_3” depending if they were part of the second or third Interface. Maybe that helped as well.

Glad to hear you got it working. Thank you for detailing your solution.

Have a great day