Engine compatibility and best practice

Hi guys

I have a couple of quick questions for content creators, relating to compatibility of Marketplace content and different versions of the engine. Here goes:

If you publish content created in the latest version of the engine (EG 4.10), will that content be incompatible with older versions (EG 4.9)?

How do you usually support more than one version of the Engine at a time? Since meshes seem to be forwards compatible (but not backwards compatible), would you advise working in older versions of the Engine? (For example, an asset pack developed with 4.9 would also be compatible with 4.10?)

What is the most simple way of updating my content for newer versions of the engine? If a new version of the engine is released, how do I update my content? Would I need to manually re-import each individual asset into a new project?

This is an awesome community, thanks so much to everyone for your support and enthusiasm so far! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

According to the consumer downloading or adding the files to their project? NO. If they open it in 4.10 and then migrate to 4.9 it will most likely work as long as it isn’t a complicated blueprint with new nodes.

Whatever engine version is released is what I support. Any new versions after that see #3

Convert the project in the launcher. If it works perfectly then email epic support email stating that it is compatible. If you have to fix depreciated nodes or it doesn’t work then you need to resubmit your project to epic as if it is the first time (minus the description and screenies) and pray to whatever you believe in that your email doesn’t get lost in the ZenDesk System and do a lot of complaining on the forums that it isn’t updated yet and then hopefully it’ll get updated. Sometimes a week, sometimes a month. I’ve had both happen. It currently is not a good situation and is very frustrating. We need direct access to upload our files and bug fixes.