Engine Changes "get distance" Return

Hello everyone
I ve wierd issue. And it is too hard to explain but let me see you.

In AI_ss.jpg you may see the basic logic. I want to check the AI and target distance.


And i am controlling from this range (you may see the other pic) a variable from the BP_EnemyAI (CloseAttackRange). And i made a printstring to show you.

Case 1:Close AttackRange is set to 100; I move to my enemyAI and stick to it. PrintString gives me these


Case 2: Close AttackRange is set to 150: I move and sitck to Enemy and print string gives me these


AS you can see Engine changes the “distance” of these 2 actors according the Close Attack Range but it doesnt make any sense.

Thank you for any help.

either, the value of the target you are checking the distance to is changing, or, the animation for your enemy character is changing when closeAttackRange is changed, and that animation may have the root location for your character messed up.

I ve tested the calculating the distance at the edge of the navmesh bounder. And doesnt sound wierd, If i give 300 to range means 3 meters but i go to enemy and i see there is 3 meters distsnce between them. But it returns 350. Whatever i set the range , distance lenght is always returning a greater. Value of range , always