Engine can't start in launcher !

Hi guyz
i downloaded the epic launcher and start to download ue4 4.10.1 version.
when it finished i clicked on launch but i got an error. anyone can help me. ?!
any dll file missed !?

my os is win 8.1 x64.
cpu= core i7
ram= 8GB
gpu= 2Gb

try click on the drop down from the triangle on the engine, and look for “verify” see if that helps… probably.

no worked.
i used it twice and still have this error.


I Fixed it. omg
if anyone have this problem just do this steb below:

first install this update (KB2919355) it’s so important,
then download latest runtime and .netframeworks and install them
and Install Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise version.

it’s worked to me and i ran Engine from launcher so easily.