Engine bug: 3D Widget Slider

3d widget slider issue

While holding the mouse or motion controller button, if i have two widgets and i move my slider all the way to the left from the second widget and then go past from the second widget into the first widget the slider still adjusts itself relative to the first widget. Ideally, the slider shouldn’t adjust if my mouse or laser leaves the slider widget.

Here is a video of the bug……ew?usp=sharing

Is this reproducible only with VR controllers or does it happen as well if you attach the UMG widget to the viewport and use the normal cursor to interact with it?

Hi @project.gheist ,

I reached out to epic and got it officially reported here:

Here is the barebone repro project WITHOUT VR:…ew?usp=sharing

It happens on 3d widgets only but you can do it with a mouse as well instead of motion controller

I believe changes can be made to the Widget Interaction Component to fix this for 3d widgets in VR but those wouldn’t apply for regular 3d widgets in world space without VR