[Engine Blueprint Feature] There needs to be a screenshot button for taking pictures of blueprints

There are times when blueprint scripting, your script becomes longer than the width of your WQXGA+ 3200x1800 screen on a Razer Blade laptop. And I wanted to share this blueprint scripting to someone on AnswerHub for help on debugging an issue.

When you zoom out of the blueprint scripting viewport, the text is so small that even I have a hard time viewing it when screen-captured using Print Screen or some other screen capturing software.

I know that there is a handy-dandy Pastebin tool for UE4 Blueprint scripters, called the Blueprint Viewer: http://blueprintue.com/

But I am requesting that UE4 would have a screen capture feature that captures all blueprints in the viewport, even non-visible ones outside of the viewport boundaries, to a PNG file easily.


very good idea

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your request. This has already been logged in our system as Feature Request UE-9309.

+1 for that. And it should support taking partial screenshots (of selected nodes only, for example, to exclude unnecessary/unimportant nodes) for sharing purpose.

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Just letting you all know that we’ve heard your requests for such a feature and which is why we decided to include it in our ODIN Tracker UE4 Plugin under ODIN-47 aka “Capture of UE4 Blueprint Nodes” that will be included in our 0.2 release in the coming weeks.

We are also looking at including ODIN-58 aka “Capture of UE4 Material Nodes” for a 0.3 release.

More info can be found here: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?106482-ODIN-Tracker-for-UE4

Now that we can publicly vote on things, anyone wanting this should vote on the issue :slight_smile: