Engine always crashes for no reason


I am using UE4 4.21 and the engine keeps crashing for actually no reason.

  • It crashes when I save
  • It crashes when I use a widget blueprint for the main menu
  • It crashes when I go somewhere else, like my web browser, without touching nothing.
  • It crashes directly after I restart it after a crash.
    The game has already other assets such as a vehicle with materials and some blueprints similar to this tutorial and its props Using Splines & Spline Components | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube
    Also the game shows a Lighting error which is Lighting needs to be rebuilt

I dont know where They are located

yes it shows this

Can you post the crash report, please?

when the engine crashes does a program run telling you that it has crashed? like this?:

click on ‘click here to view directory’ in the second box then open the .txt file and send me the contents. I will try to look into it tomorrow.

Provide logs from Saved/Logs in your project directory