Engaging Leap Motion with oculus rift for an interior project

Hi Guys ,

have anyone tried to develop a digital blueprint controller for the leap motion to use it to change colors and other stuff , i mean we normally develop them to use the oculus or the vive controller but is it possible that we can do the same for the leap motion ??


Yeah, I made something like that a long time ago, where you used gestures to change meshes and materials. UE4 has very good support for leap motion, it was really easy to make a blueprint for it since there are already Leap Motion input nodes inside UE.

Thanks , actually when i go through the Unity UI over there that are ready made for the Leap Motion i keep searching on how i can make these same Ui for unreal to create some kind of virtual buttons controls inside the Vr for the Arch Viz project such as changing the materials or taking a snap shot , here is one of the example am talking about