Engaging Leap motion inside architecture VR project using rift with bluetooth controller

Hi guys ,

as you all know that to experience an Architecture VR project using oculus rift u have to use the xbox controller , but some how on a professional property show to the client some how some people skip the experince because the are not comfortable using the box controller , so i have a question

if i wanna use the leap motion as an interactive hand tool to open doors and light , can i also use the bluetooth controller as tool in one hand to move inside the project ???

so the clients will enjoy the interactivity by one hand and control the movement by the other hand holding the bluetooth controller , is that possible ?

Thanks ,

Yes, you can use multiple controller options.

But for ease of use I would look into using the small remote that comes with the Oculus, since it’s much simpler than the Xbox controller it would be an option that would be very easy for them to use and would be more reliable than Leap and would be easier for you to make your application work with it. You could do it where you have a cursor in the middle of vision that you trace to whatever you’re looking at and use that to highlight things like a door and then use the Select button on the remote to activate the action.

Thanks darthviper107 this is really interesting and i would love to apply it the way u describe it , can you please direct me to a tutorial or a direction where i can find the blueprints and settings that can help me fix these settings with the small controller as I my experience in UE is limited to materializing and lighting only :slight_smile:

Many Thanks

hello Graphico…how are you…we are company based in dubai in VR…can we be in touch??for possible cooperation ??cheers…