Enemys that Spawn wont follow the Player / Enemys that i Drag & Drop in the Scene do so

Hey guys! Iam currently working on a Arcade Game for my Uni, i want the Enemys to always follow the Player. If i Drag & Drop Enemys into the Scene they follow the Player as they should, but if i Spawn them with Target Points they wont. As far as i can see in the Blueprints the Get Controller is Empty if i Spawn them but works normaly if i Drag & Drop them. I even tried to give them the Default AI Controller and Asign the Standart AI Controller after i spawn them with Blueprints but the problem is still the same.
Any Idea how to fix it? I uploaded 5 Pictures, They show the Spawn System, Follow the Player System and the Moving/Not Moving Enemys. Thank you guys already

Hey, check the Class Defaults of the AI. There is something near the AI Controller that is a drop down menu. It let’s you select “On Spawn” “On Placed in Level” “On Both”
and stuff like that. Sorry i don’t have the Engine in reach, but i think you will find that anyway! (:

That fixed it Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

From the spawn enemy node return pin you need to drag a pin out and get “spawn default controller” node.