Enemy Walk Speed


I have two events in my Enemy AI event graph, one is Roam and the other is Chase, i want to make each event so that the enemy moves at a different speed for each one. the problem is if i add a character movement node and set its walk speed to 40 and attach it to the end of the roam event then it does walk at 40 speed however in the chase event it also ends up walking at 40, how do i differentiate the speeds?

Still trying to figure this out totally stumped, it would actually solve a lot of my problems as once i learn how to do that with this i can use it for many other things in my project.

I’m not sure how your Roam and Chase events are set up but effectively you telling the program “Do Roam” then set the speed to 40, and “Do Chase” then set the speed to chase speed. Try moving changing the order to set max speed then the action.

So your Blueprint execution order will be selection of intent to do roam/chase, set speed for roam/chase, do roam/chase.

Generally do my code in C++ so not entirely sure that is how the blueprint fires explicitly but it would be my first guess. Good luck!

@Kiyan , Check out my “**Blueprint AI Samples” ** template, it may help you !