Enemy takes damage only from overlap event, not colliding event

Hey guys!

So i have a collision capsule on my fist. On my enemies blueprint I have an eventanydamage that reduces his hitpoints.

The problem is the eventanydamage node on the enemies blueprint seems to fire on any overlap. I want it to fire just when a collision happens, not an overlap. I have collision being turned off at event begin play, and turned on when the animation to punch begins (turning off when its over)

Please help!

It’s been a month, and I am still having problems with this. does ANYONE know what to do or where I can go to learn what to do? Any help would be good.

Have you tested with events than other Overlap…

OnComponentHit / Event Hit

Character BP → Add New → Override function → …

There are 2 events tied to collision: OnBeginOverlap and OnHit.

OnBeginOverlap triggers when another body overlaps and both bodies are set to “GenerateOverlapEvents” and both of them are Overlapping each other’s object type (or one is blocking and the other one overlapping, overlaps will take the priority there). Both bodies need to have the type of collision “QueryOnly” or “Both”.

OnHit triggers when another body hits and it has the option “SimulateHitEvent” and both bodies have the type of Collision “PhysicOnly” or “Both”.
Here is the collision overview for more information on the matter.