Enemy Takes Damage, Event Hit


I’m rather new to Blueprints, so having a bit of trouble finding this.

I made an event hit where, when the bullet hits a target it destroys. I also made a function called “TakeDamage” where the target can take damage, and it will hurt there health.

Problem is, its not working. I’ve been trying to cast “other” as the target in Take Damage, although it’s not working. any ideas for fixing this?

The idea of this is to have HealthBP as something generic, and attach it to anything that uses Health.

Thanks for the input / help :slight_smile:

Hey there,

inside your Bullet BP you dont have any reference to an Health object, you simply call take damage to… self?(where self would be a bullet again).

I assume you havnt used context sensitive when inserting the Take Damage function.

However from out your hitevent you can get the actor your bullet hit, so drag of a pin from “other” and cast it to a HealthBP, from the output pin call the Take Damage Function and it “should” work.