Enemy Spawner not working?

Hey all! I’m having an issue with my enemy spawner I’m trying to implement- if anyone has any ideas/ alternate ways to do this I’d really appreciate the help! :heart:

What I’m trying to accomplish is an object that spawns a certain number of enemies (editable per level)- here’s my current blueprints:

(When the player overlaps the box collision, it checks now many enemies/ bugs are in scene, if there’s not enough it spawns one).

(The spawns in ‘BP_Enemy_RottenAppleBug’, checks again).

What I want is for the area to always have the chosen amount of enemies (after a delay for the player to recover).

The issues I’m facing right now are that the spawning is a little unpredictable, sometimes it spawns the right amount although sometimes it only spawns one. AND, once spawned, the enemies don’t move??

Here’s a video of the spawner so far (the massive coin is placeholder :sob: :skull:)

(The bug between the rocks is to show what the actor usually acts like- I’m not sure why spawning it through blueprints removed its ability to walk tho-)
AND in the video, I specified that this spawner should spawn 2 bugs, however it only spawned one?

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong so any help or ideas are great appreciated! :raised_hands: :heart: