Enemy Projectile Not acting normal

I have an enemy shape firing at the player by doing the normal, find look rotation and building a transform. The problem is the pitch never moves up or down when spawning the projectile yet the shapes points directly at the player at all times.

I can post my blueprints to help explain.

Hello Tanahara.
Could you show blueprint and a screen shot of the problem?

Will do as soon as i get home.

The blueprint getting the rotation of player vs cone and spawning the projectile with the location and rotation

The result picture, which shows the projectile firing above my head and never changing pitch only x

Cone rotation (which does look directly at the player but then spawns the projectile at the player but never pitching)

No axis constraints are applied. I thought by getting the rotation from find look at rotation it would look at the player and the location of the firing object and fire in the direction of the player on all axis’s.

I think the problem with spawning above your head is the sphere? I don’t know where your sphere is located. But if you make the Start connection get actorlocation and the Target connection get vector forward maybe that helps?
And with the cone rotation I do not really get what you want to achieve do you want a local rotation that it rotates around it self?

The sphere is what i named the file and originally intended for a sphere to fire but due to the rotation issue the cone is a placeholder because i can see rotation alot easier. I will try the vector forward. I honestly dont care if the spheres rotate at all as long as a projectile is spawned towards the player. In unity I had the spheres rotate and then the projectile spawn from the forward position.