Enemy Movement Broken After UE5 Switch

Wondering if anyone else has had an AI’s movement sort of break/have issues when transferring their project from UE4 to UE5?

Shown above, this has only happened with one enemy character, not the others, basically everytime it tries to move (be it a Launch Character node or a MoveTo node), it looks like it wants to go back to its first place, while moving it’ll reset back a bit and then keep walking, different levels show the same result so it’s not a level issue, the BP hasn’t been changed either.

Nothing was changed in-between versions, and it only happens with this character, which is quite weird since other characters with the same logic (MoveTo nodes) work just fine.

I also have a copy of the UE4 version of the project and obviously this all works fine there.

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May be the animation has root motion untick , you can check it in anim sequence

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I managed to solve it, it was due to the animation retargeting in the previous version of UE, apparently it had been broken, after using the new UE5 retargeting process and applying a new animation to the run animation, everything’s working fine, did took long to understand what was going on though!

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