Enemy Health Blueprint Help - Blueprint Beginner


Ive been going through a book trying to create a fps in Blueprint in UE4.7.6. I have my enemies scripted to be destroyed after three hits and play explosion effect. Though they keep getting destroyed on one hit, I dont know if I have scripted it wrong or have not clicked something correctly but I have been following the book word to word. Can you guys see if there’s anything wrong with the script and help me fix it. I would grateful for the help Im only just getting to grips with Blueprint.,

Images below:


Thanks again am very grateful for any help.

lots of games trigger a moment of invincibility when enemies or players get hit, to make sure they don’t take multiple hits from the same attack. to do this, you could put a gate node right in front of the event Hit, which goes to a sequence that closes the gate, then goes to a delay, which opens the gate after .2 seconds.

Thanks for responding, I tried the below I think I may have miss interpenetrated due to my lack of knowledge. Could you tell me what I have done wrong as now the enemy doesn’t take any damage at all. Sorry to be at such a novice level Im trying to get better. I really want to get this working to im very grateful for the help.

you only need 1 gate.

Not dying now after the change. Thanks though I think its getting near is there anything I did wrong?

the gate should start open, so uncheck start closed.

also, instead of doing this on EventHit, it should probably be done on EventAnyDamage or EventPointDamage. the projectile can get other actor it overlapped or hit, and ApplyPointDamage.

Thanks Man a lot really grateful to you and your help.