Enemy Chase Blueprints.

Hello all,

My problem at the moment is that when my player character overlaps with what is supposed to be my npc line of sight; instead of chasing the player which I have them rigged to do they stay in the idle position. I believe part of my problem stems from characters all using one AI controller (The enemies are in different locations around the map, each with a different type of terrain) but when I tried to use multiple AI controllers for them they only the AI tree that I am using would work for that particular AI. So after I had them share the AI tree they seem to work but now when I want them to chase the player on one specific AI works as it should again. Can someone please help? I can’t seem to figure this one out.

Can anyone help with this?

Why do you mention idle position, do you mean that the animation is not playing?

Also enable Avoidance in enemy movement component.

The idle animation is what plays when the player character is in view of them. This is what I don’t want. I want them to chase the player not just look at him lol.

Avoidance didn’t seem to work unfortunately.

glance at this video on my enemies chasing Alice around to attack…

make sure your nav mesh is set…but you should be able to chase any actor with an “ai move to” set to a “get player character”…
(also double check that avoidance as it seems to work wonders for my enemies not to walk through each other)… Also set a “Print String” all the way back to the “OnSeePawn” for your enemy to make sure it’s firing correctly when the player crosses it’s line of sight…keep setting up “Print Strings” through the chain of events to make sure each fires…

If you are still running into problems after that let us know and I’m sure we’ll find a solution…Good luck…

thanks Ill give this a try

This is what I ended up doing it worked for a minute, now all of a sudden the all just stare at the player again.

I made one for each of the enemies it worked but when I reopened the editor to start on the next part of my project they were doing the same idle animation again. I thought for sure that giving each character their own “Chase” blueprint would help…turns out it only did temporarily.