Enemy character pushes through everything

See, the problem I’m having is that the root Capsule Component of my enemy is not the type of collision shape I need. Thus I tried minimizing the root Capsule Component and then add another Capsule that matched what I originally wanted. Though the problem with this is that whenever the enemy, say tries to walk through a closed door the door just flings open even though the enemy’s collision is much lighter than the door.

When using the original Capsule Component all physics and mass etc. works great! But when I add a new collision component, it doesn’t get affected by other collision and just pushes through them. Even the player gets knocked away instead of just blocking the enemy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

I’ve found that tying physics to the mesh rather than the capsule is preferable. The ragdoll preset gives excellent results.

Didn’t give the results I’m looking for. The character still is too strong, forcing it’s way through everything with physics. Flings away the player too. The original capsule component is the only thing that doesn’t do this, seems that Static Meshes works too.

It’s old one, but I’ll answer anyway just in case. The character movement component have parameter “push force factor”, which defines the physical force with which character is bumping into things. I set it up like that to change dynamically, since by logic a running character should build up more inertia and push aside heavier things:

does this push force factor also push other characters? I’m trying to make it so that when a moving character hits another character the other character gets pushed away. But right now they both just stop in their tracks